S. Quire

S.Quire is a charming young sometimes-fella with a penchant for entertaining the masses. They first wowed audiences in March of 2006, at a drag king competition in Vancouver, BC. They then traveled to Montreal where they dragged it up at King Size’s debut performance. S.Quire currently resides in Vancouver (Coast Salish Territory), coordinating and performing in shows with Drag Union, a grassroots collective of gender performers & allies.
S.Quire’s name is as random as the performer. The S stands for Soren, the name S.Quire occasionally goes by off-stage. S.Quire looks forward to participating in the International Drag King (Community) Extravaganza 9, which will be held in Vancouver this fall. 

Drag Union: dragunion.blogspot.com

IDKE9: myspace.com/idke9