Johnny Cox

Hi gorgeous ! Let me introduce myself: Johnny Cox for your pleasure.

Some call me a classical King because I am just sooooo Dandy.

I must say that nothing beats the cheers of 300 screaming and creaming ladies throwing their panties in my face….. Although if I could get a few jock strap would be real fun too….Anyways, that tends to happen a lot when I team up with my handsome Brothers the Dukes Of Drag. I joined the pack in 2007 and with their help I will conquer every lady’s and boy’s heart with my charm.

I love all kinds of music and

have a particular taste for dressing up. Even though elegance is the key, you can catch me fooling around in Mullets and Hip Hop baggy pants from most time (shame on me I know !).I guess that makes me “versatile”. yes, yes. Aahem *cough*cough* Rod … ooooh yes don’t stop yeah that’s good down there…uh oh … *cough*cough*

Even though I’m a kind-of tender guy, I’m just like the rest of the Dukes profoundly and I’d like to quote“…we’ve got the biggest balls of them all”

(it’s true.)


Johnny Cox


Johnny’s alter-ego Logan A. Curley is a young visual artist working mainly with the photographic medium. Ze also recently started working with video art and performance art which complements hir current practice very well. Hir works attempt to generate a queer-positive discourse, questioning gender identities, gender roles, and youth alternative/queer culture. Logan is entering now in hir final year toward completion of a B.F.A with a major in photography and a minor in studio arts at Concordia University and hope to complete an M.F.A as well.