Billy King

Billy has always been around, just waiting to come out for me. There has always been a reason for him. When he started performing it was my way to control the reaction of others. His ‘maleness’ was safe to me. When the suit and tie came on I could feel like I had some control over how people saw me and that they were seeing exactly what I wanted them to. With time, and performing, all the attributes that were Billy slowly worked themselves into me and everyday life. Its hard to see where I end and Billy begins anymore. I`ve learned to find a balance now. There isn’t a need to go crazy or over the top with his lifestyle. He is a part of my choices and decisions as much as I am in his. Its a delicate balance.
Billy`s alter ego, Cory, is a customer service agent with a bank and spends her free time trying to live life to its fullest. An avid fan of music and the outdoors, Cory is always busy with one plan or the other. A part… part time student she studies a little bit of everything, with plans to be in wood work in the future. She shares her life with her two cats (like every good lesbian should.) When not working and Kinging she saves babies from burning buildings and cats from trees. 😉