Jack E. Dickinson

He’s a woman. She’s a man. Most of the time, s/he’s somewhere in between. A complete and utter genderfuck mad(wo)man, s/he likes to play with the entire range of gender expression from femmey but hairy to just plain fairy. Introducing Jack E. Dickinson, drag . . .jack! Many of this Duke’s numbers blend various gender expressions either for a political and social statement, for sex appeal or just for fun and entertainment!

Viva Las Vegas Toronto Pride 2009

From theatrical skits to dance routines to stripping, Jack likes to explore various forms of artistic stage expression. He loves to challenge herself and the audience by stepping outside of comfort zones. His numbers tend to be either humorous, raunchy or both but s/he will undoubtedly step outside of that comfort zone as well and delve into darker realms in the months to come. One thing for sure is that Jack thrives on surprising, and sometimes shocking the audience.

Jack E. Dickinson is a blend of former personas Gary Dickinson and Duchess Jack.

Copyright RaynDropz 2009

Copywrite RayndropZ 2009

Jack’s alter ego, Jacky, has a life offstage! He’s a mom to a beautiful and happy little boy who, unsurprisingly, loves to play pretend! When this gender/queer franglophone isn’t busy teaching anthropology at a local college, working on his PhD in the same field or tackling and tickling his little guy, he is active in the fight for the recognition of queers and Aboriginal peoples. His future projects include, getting published, getting more tattoos, learning 4 Aboriginal languages, brushing up on his German, adopting a 10 year old child and combining academic knowledge with theatre to promote social justice.