Supporters and Friends

Friends of Dukes of Drag

Miriam Ginestier: If anyone outside Dukes of Drag had a pivotal role in the creation of this Drag King troupe, it was good old Mim. Her suggestion back in May 2006 that someone start a Drag King group did not fall on deaf ears. And she has offered us a whole Meow Mix in which to strut our stuff in both February 2007 and 2008! Thanks Mim!

DeAnne Smith: This fine lady MC’d Dukes of Drag’s first big show at the February 2007 Meow Mix. She hasn’t been the same ever since. She’s an excellent comedian! Check out her space. Soon, we will link to her new web site.

Dead Doll Dancers: oooooh, are they ever hot, hot, hot! One of them gave Gary Dickinson his first ever lap dance *sniff*

Liliane, Bi-Dyke: Drawn by a local Montreal artist, Liliane gets into all kinds of trouble. One of Liliane’s stories gives some really good passing tips! Go to the archives, then October 2004 and you’ll see “Tips on Passing.” While you’re there, read some of the other stories and get addicted!

Sex Geek: Thoughts on sex and life. A blog by a friend of several King Size members, Andrea Zanin. Frequent reviews on events in the queer community, in Montreal and elsewhere.

Unholy Army of the Night: The Unholy Army is a community of queer women and women-identified people who are into kink and BDSM. This group indirectly contributed to the creation of Dukes of Drag through the sharing of “passing” tips, which led one of the founders of Dukes of Drag to create his drag persona.