Drag King Stuff

Becoming a Drag King

Ever wondered how to become a drag king? If you have, then you probably already are a drag king in the making! Becoming a drag king isn’t that hard. It’s more about letting your inner male out than about the clothes, facial hair and genitals, although the latter may very well help you do the former.

There are several good sites that give practical tips on chest binding, creating facial hair, choosing clothes that conceal feminine curves and other things that can make one more “kingy.” Please visit the pages in this category for more details.

Becoming a Dukes of Drag member

Now, if you want to become a Dukes of Drag drag king, all you have to do is write to us at info (at) dukesofdrag.com! Let us know what your interests are and what you’d like to do in the group. If you have no idea, that’s fine too. You can hang out with us for a while and you will gradually come up with ideas for how to develop your drag king persona (or personas!!!)