Dukes of Drag, formerly King Size, is a Montreal based drag king group. Dukes of Drag (as King Size) gave their debut group performance at the Meow Mix on February 17, 2007. This sold out evening was the most attended and wildest Meow Mix ever!

Dukes of Drag currently features 15 performers, including Drag Kings, Drag Queens and King Blings. We are people of all gender identities, interests and walks of life. Together or apart we have participated in at least a dozen shows, winning contests and benefiting charities.

Booking Dukes of Drag

Dukes of Drag and its individual members are available for all kinds of gigs, although we wouldn’t recommend booking us for kids’ parties! We generally cater to a mature audience in the queer community; however, we are more than willing to perform for open-minded people outside the community.

Dukes of Drag can put together a whole show or one group number, depending on your needs. Our members are also available for solos or small group acts. Does your event have a theme? Let us know and we can discuss possibilities.

Write to us at: info@dukesofdrag.ca

Types of shows

Generally, our numbers involve music. Nat King Pole rewrites popular songs with funny lyrics and sings them karaoke-style. Some of our members are excellent dancers and have moves that melt hearts. Yet others lip-sync “live concert” style or along with a skit where the performers act out a scene in addition to lip-syncing. Finally, some members like to put together straight-up theatrical skits.