Upcoming show…Queering the Campus

We are pleased to announce…the celebration of GAY! October (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Awareness Month) hosted by the Post Graduate Students’ Society of McGill. This event will be a dance party and drag show starring the Dukes of Drag!! The event is open to the public so of course we wanted to personally invite our beloved fans to come toss their steamy panties our way.

This is a FREE event!

To find out more about PGSS, check out their facebook group: PGSS – The Post-Graduate Students’ Society of McGill University or visit their website: pgss.mcgill.ca/

Date: Friday, October 17th

Time: 9pm (doors open), show starts at 10pm sharp!

Location: Thomson House,  (ballroom 3rd floor)

McGill Campus

3650 McTavish

Montreal, QC
Admission: FREE!

Contact: 514-398-3756 (Thomson House)

Hope we see you there!!


The Dukes of Drag


Il nous fait plaisir d’annoncer … la célébration de Octobre GAI ! (Le mois International de la sensibilisation pour les Lesbiennes, gais, bisexuel(le)s et transgenres) organisé par la société des étudiant(e)s post-gradué(e)s de McGill.
Bref nous vous invitons à un gros party et un spectacle mettant en vedette Les Ducs de la Drague ! / Dukes of Drag !!!

L’évenement est ouvert à tous et nous voulons evidement inviter nos fans adoré(e)s à nous lancer leur pettites culottes pleine d’amour ;-P !

Le mieux dans tout ça ? C’est GRATUIT !!!

Quand ? :        Vendredi le 17 octobre 2008
Où ? :              au Thompson House
3650 McTarvish (metro Mcgill)
Quelle heure ?: 9pm (le portes ouvrent) le show est à 10pm pile

Contact : 514-398-3756 (Thomson House)

Pour en savoir plus sur le PGSS (post-graduate students’ society of McGill University), joignez leur groupe sur facebook ou visitez leur site web : http://pgss.mcgill.ca/

Les Ducs vous attendent en grand nombre !


Les Dukes xo

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  1. Edward King Says:

    Im curious to find out what time the event will finish, if anyone could let me know that would be great.

  2. admin Says:

    Give yourself about an hour for the whole show. If we start on time, we should be finished by 11pm, or shortly thereafter. See you there!!

  3. Edward King Says:

    Okay, thanks for letting me know , its because i live on the west island and need time to get back here, for sure!!!

    Also im quite interested in about joining your troupe.
    So i was wondering if i would be able to hang out with you guys for a bit
    to find my drag king persona.

  4. Crossdressing Guide Says:

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